Dua Lipa Slams Old Beyonce Article For 'Putting Women Against Each Other & Speaking Way Too Soon'

Mark Horton/Getty Images
Dua Lipa performs at the Osheaga Music and Art Festival at Parc Jean-Drapeau on Aug. 5, 2018 in Montreal, Canada. 

Dua Lipa has always been about girl power, with ex-boyfriends of her past shaking in their boots with every new single release. Now, she's coming for anti-feminism from 15 years ago.

The songstress took to Twitter on Tuesday (Aug. 7) to post a 2003 article claiming that a Beyonce sans Destiny Child is "No Ashanti." Flash forward a decade, and Beyonce is one of the biggest names in music. "One of the most funny and embarrassing articles in history," Lipa wrote. "Putting women against each other and speaking way too soon. It’s obvious everyone has room to grow but trying to diminish someones success just because... is a theme that rarely happens with male artists."   

She followed up with a tweet letting the world know that if women weren't constantly compared, they'd be "f---ing unstoppable." See the tweets below.