St. Lucia Drops Colorful New Video for 'A Brighter Love': Watch

Courtesy Photo
St. Lucia, "A Brighter Love"

St. Lucia just released a video for “A Brighter Love” on Thursday (August 2) in support of upcoming album Hyperion, dropping Sep. 21.

This colorful video features a compilation of characters wandering on their own throughout a city, completely engaged in their cell phones and cut off from the outside world. The focus eventually shifts to a young woman who appears just as lost, yet with hopes of finding a, well, brighter love.

As the video continues, viewers can see the woman continue her search while constantly scrolling away on her phone, which occasionally disappears. The visual ends with a clip of the woman in the woods holding a child, free of the toxins of technology and the city, possibly signifying that her search has come to a successful end.

Pre-order for Hyperion and tickets for St. Lucia’s upcoming North American tour are available here.

Check out the video below: