Primaveras Unveil Dreamy New Track 'Can't Undo My Love': Exclusive Premiere

Amanda Adam


It's a time of new beginnings for Southern California-based Primaveras. Formally known as Modern Howls, ?the project fronted by L.A. singer James Clifford is dropping its debut album Echoes in the Well of Being on Sept. 28, and in the meantime, you can get a first listen of the catchy new track "Can't Undo My Love" exclusively on Billboard today (July 31).

The beachy tune is one you could find booming out of a passing car on a Sunday in Malibu. Over a lazy guitar, Clifford reflects, "There was something on the tip of my tongue/Something, some sort of daydream/And I've been thinking about you for such a long time." 

The song came together very organically, and somewhat by surprise. "The chorus came to me in one of those magical one-in-a-million moments where I was messing around with some chords and the hook just popped out," Clifford tells Billboard. "It’s definitely one of my favorite songs off the record and that I’m most proud of in general.” 

The tune comes as a followup to the lead single off of the album, a groovy moving-on anthem titled "Better Off," which noticeably draws vocal and musical inspiration from one of Clifford's biggest influences, David Bowie. 

As Primaveras counts down the days until Echoes in the Well of Being, check out their newest summertime cut below.