Sacha Baron Cohen Uses Fake Pedophile Detector on Alabama Judge Roy Moore on 'Who Is America?'

Sacha Baron Cohen
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Sacha Baron Cohen attends the premiere of Disney's "Alice Through The Looking Glass" at the El Capitan Theatre on May 23, 2016 in Hollywood, Calif.

The third episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America? lacked the heavy-hitting headliners of the first two episodes — but did lead with a segment featuring former Alabama judge Roy Moore, who'd revealed that he'd been targeted before the series premiered and subsequently threatened to sue the comedian.

He said in a statement that he thought he was meeting with someone to discuss Israel, but, as seen in the segment, Baron Cohen's Israeli anti-terrorism expert Col. Erran Morad actually talked to Moore about a piece of "Israeli technology" that could purportedly identify pedophiles. Other segments included a rap battle and a fake Quinceañera.

Here's who Baron Cohen targeted in week three:

Target: Roy Moore, Former Alabama judge and Republican Senate candidate

Character: Col. Erran Morad

What Happened: The former Alabama judge, who lost an open Senate seat in his state after being accused of an inappropriate encounter with a 14-year-old girl, was interviewed by Baron Cohen's anti-terrorist expert character in a technology-focused segment about a scanner that can sense pedophiles. It beeped when he ran it in front of Moore, who became increasingly frustrated and eventually cut the segment short. "I've never had an accusation of such things," he said, before standing up and ending the interview. "I support Israel, I don't support this kind of stuff," he said.

Response: Moore released a statement before the series premiered saying he was targeted and intended to sue Baron Cohen.

Target: John, Jack and Joe, Trump supporters

Character: Col. Erran Morad

What Happened: The character brought in three anti-immigration Trump supporters for a demonstration of how to "trap illegal Mexicans." They threw a fake Quinceañera and roofied guacamole, with one of the men wearing "pussy panties" (underwear with a fake vagina attached) and posing as the birthday girl. The police arrived after a call for "suspicious activity" that they were trying to lure young girls — naturally, they looked suspicious and couldn't explain what was happening.

Response: None as of air.

Target: Chip Limehouse, South Carolina politician and Bone Crusher, Atlanta rapper

Character: Dr. Nira Cain-N'Degeocello

What Happened: The liberal, NPR-loving character purportedly brought both men in to have a conversation about race, but told the rapper that "black" was an offensive word, and asked the men about their favorite scene in Moonlight and then talked about Will Smith being from Compton. Limehouse became defensive while Bone Crusher looked around incredulously.

Response: None as of air.

Target: A group of Atlanta freestyle rappers

Character: Dr. Nira Cain-N'Degeocello

What Happened: The character visited a group of freestyle rappers and participated in a rap battle, foregoing the pretense of actually rapping but using PC language to talk about having a "bigger phallus" and respecting women.

Response: None as of air.

Who Is America? airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

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