10 Moments You May Have Missed in the 'No Brainer' Music Video

DJ Khaled, Asahd Khaled & Justin Bieber
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DJ Khaled, Asahd Khaled & Justin Bieber in "No Brainer" video.

DJ Khaled and his crew from last year's summer hit "I'm the One" returned for another catchy tune titled "No Brainer." The clip, featuring collaborators Justin Bieber, Quavo and Chance the Rapper, shows the behind-the-scenes of a video set.

While certain aspects of the video were pretty obvious--such as Bieber's mustache and all the product placements--here are 10 things you might have missed from the "No Brainer" video.

1. The Hollywood sign reads "We the Best"
In the opening scene of the video, Bieber hops out of a car and stands in front of a colorful California-esque background. The hills on which the iconic Hollywood sign is seen has a new look. The sign reads "We the Best," as a tribute to the record label founded by Khaled.

2. Asahd is credited as the director 
The opening credits shout out Khaled's accomplished 1-year-old son. The bright font at the beginning of the clip reads "Directed by Colin Tilley...and Asahd!"

3. Bieber indulges in some amusement part food
As the scene changes to a beachy, palm tree-filled background, the "Love Yourself" crooner enjoys a snack while walking on top of parked cars. His food of choice? A corn dog.

4. Asahd spends some quality time with JB
While doing his job as director, Asahd chills on Bieber's lap while the duo give directions and point around with father DJ Khaled. Ashad is smiling from ear to ear, and it's adorable.

5. Quavo's portrait moves
The Migos member is seen painting an abstract portait of the model in front of him on a pedestal. As the camera zooms out on the scene, the eyes on the painting start to blink.

6. Quavo is wearing a Crash Bandicoot necklace
He first unveiled the chain on Instagram last year, but the Crash Bandicoot-inspired necklace makes another appearance in the "No Brainer" video. The bedazzled Aku Aku is a well-known character in the video game who guides Crash throughout his journey.

7. Khaled tests his calligraphy skills while taking notes
While Quavo paints, the DJ is seen sitting on a couch nearby doodling. When the camera reveals what he's been writing, the word "Goddess" is written on the page in soft script calligraphy.

8. Chance isn't wearing a hat
Chance the Rapper is known for his style of flat brim hats. However, in the Gatsby-esque party scene of the video, he takes on a new look by wearing a blazer over a knit sweater and, yes, no hat. The look really suits him.

9. The group calls themselves "Boys in the Castle"
The clapper that makes an appearance throughout the video to identify the beginning of each scene gave some insight. The hit-making clique of Khaled, Bieber, Quavo and Chance call themselves "Boys in the Castle," a clever workaround from calling themselves kings.

10. Khaled's cha-cha
He's no stranger to shaking it, as made evident throughout his "Wild Thoughts" video with Rihanna. Khaled put on his dancing shoes once more for "No Brainer," dancing along on a staircase with a dancer in a red dress while Bieber sings in the back. 

Watch the video below.


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