Monkees' Michael Nesmith in Recovery After Quadruple Bypass Heart Surgery

The Monkees
Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

Mickey Dolenz (L) and Peter Tork of The Monkees perform live on stage at Town Hall on June 1, 2016 in New York City. 

About a month after Monkees announced they were postponing their final few tour dates because singer-guitarist Michael Nesmith suffered a health scare, the group finally broke the silence on what happened.

According to The Rolling Stone, Nesmith was rushed to a cardiologist after experiencing shortness of breath. The 75-year-old was then diagnosed with congestive heart failure and needed quadruple bypass heart surgery. "When we got to Lake Tahoe and then the high altitude of Denver, I couldn’t get out of bed and I couldn’t breathe," he told the publication. "It wasn’t agonizing. It was just the business of wanting to take a big, deep breath and not being able to do it."

The guitarist's son, Christian, took to Facebook to provide further explanation, nothing that his dad was not in the hospital for a month. He spent six days in the ICU and two days in a regular hospital room. "The first week at home he progressed from just being able to take a few steps to being fully autonomous - dressing, shower, bathroom. Every day he was stronger and clearer," he wrote.

"Not only is he himself but, from where I stand, at 4 weeks after the surgery this last Monday, he’s healthier, more energetic, and clearer than when he went in," he continued, and explained that his father is ready to play more shows.

Monkees have yet to reschedule their postponed shows. Read Christian's full update below.