Get to Know '1950' Singer King Princess: Watch

In this week’s episode of “You Should Know,” Billboard sits down with King Princess – who is signed to Mark Ronson’s label Zelig Records – to find out some interesting facts about her.

The singer-songwriter, who grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, shares that “aesthetically,” her biggest musical inspirations include Cher, Tina Turner, Perfume Genius and The Beatles and her favorite album is Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin.

Asked who she would love to one day collaborate with, the “1950” singer says that it would be a tie between Nicki Minaj and Jack White. Noting that she’d be open to one collaboration with both of them, she tells Billboard, “I don't know if that'd be very good.”

Speaking of her music-making process, King Princess calls it “messy and scattered,” adding that a lot of it is “really independent” and that “about half of it is extremely collaborative, so it's this weird mixture of me being alone and doing shit, and trusting the people I love, and asking their opinion and advice.”

King Princess also opens up about the meaning behind her song “1950,” which Billboard recently named one of the 50 best songs of 2018 so far. “The inspiration behind ‘1950’ was… gay history,” she states, “And the way that our people had to hide in public, and how that affected the way that we love each other now.”

You can find out much, much more about King Princess in the video above, including who she would want to play her in a movie, what the most memorable gift she’s been given was and what her backstage ritual is. Plus, you can listen to “1950” below.