Wiz Khalifa Celebrates Album Release Day With 'Rolling Papers 2' Music Video: Watch

Wiz Khalifa "Rolling Papers 2"
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Wiz Khalifa "Rolling Papers 2"

Wiz Khalifa released his wild new album, Rolling Papers 2, on Friday (July 13). The 25-track effort calls on an all-star roster of features, including Ty Dolla $ign, Snoop Dogg and Curren$y.

In celebration of release day, Wiz released a smokey new video for the title track. With an appearance from Snoop, the duo goes through a journey from eating noodles to fights at strip clubs and bowling alleys.

"This is as important as my first album," he said in an interview with Billboard last June. "That’s the mark I want to make and that’s how I’m coming into it. I had this great career to stand on and all this work I’ve done, but let’s strip all of that away and focus on what I’m about to do right nowhe

Watch below.