Fans React to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's Reported Engagement News

Justin Bieber fans are reacting to the reported news that he and model Hailey Baldwin are now engaged to be married -- and they aren't taking it too well.  

Some happily congratulated the newly engaged couple and others took the news pretty harshly. Many were devastated that their far-fetched dreams of marrying the pop star are now crushed, while others were massively disappointed that Selena Gomez isn't Bieber's bride to be.   

"If Justin Bieber really is engaged to Hailey Baldwin. My heart breaks twice, once for myself and once for Selena," fan @kaitpennington tweeted.

Some fans harkened back Bieber's 2010 track "That Should Be Me," from his debut album, My World 2.0. "Alexa, play 'that should be me' by Justin Bieber," @swapmybiebs tweeted, referencing Amazon's voice-activated device.

Others pointed out that Baldwin is now "One Less Lonely Girl," a reference to a track from Bieber's first EP. "Wow so Justin Bieber’s song 'One Less Lonely Girl' was about Hailey Baldwin the whole time," @lukewaltham noted on Twitter.

As previously reported, Bieber and Baldwin got engaged Saturday night (July 7) in the Bahamas while having dinner at a local restaurant, TMZ reports, citing two eyewitnesses.

The singer and model have been silent so far on social media, but the pop star's father, Jeremy seemingly confirmed the engagement on Instagram Saturday. “@justinbieber Proud is an understatement! Excited for the next chapter!” he wrote.

Bieber and Baldwin, who previously dated before splitting in 2016, have been inseparable in recent days, having been spotted dancing at a restaurant on Friday (July 6). And in recent weeks, the couple has been seen kissing around New York City.

See more fan reactions to the engagement below.