Get to Know 'Nevermind' Singer Dennis Lloyd: Watch

In this week’s “You Should Know” video, Billboard catches up with Israeli musician Dennis Lloyd to find out when he started making music, who he would love to collaborate with and more.

Lloyd, who grew up in Tel Aviv, was actually born with the name Nir Tibor. “I decided to choose a stage name two-and-a-half years ago,” he explains, “Just because I wanted something catchy that would be easy processing.”

He started playing the trumpet at the age of eight and five years after that, he stole his sister’s guitar and began to play that. “And ever since, I just, I bought my first microphone, USB microphone, and I started recording and producing myself,” Lloyd shares.

The musician also tells Billboard that his favorite album of all time is Nirvana’s Nevermind and that Kurt Cobain is his biggest musical inspiration.

Speaking of his 2016 hit song – which is also called “Nevermind” – the musician explains that when he was living in Bangkok, he had a girlfriend who was traveling in Indonesia and he was worried that she would meet someone else. “I just [had] all these thoughts,” he says. “I just wrote them and I created ‘Nevermind.’”

He also divulges that he would love to one day work with (and marry) Jorja Smith. “Her voice is just incredible,” says Lloyd. “Every time I listen to her, I'm getting into a different zone and it's fucking amazing.”

You can watch the full video above to find out much more about Dennis Lloyd, including who he thinks would play him in a movie, what the last movie he watched was, and how he felt when he first heard his music playing on the radio.