Zac Efron's New Dreadlocks Spark Twitter Debate: Is It 'Cultural Appropriation' or Just a Hairstyle?

Zac Efron seems to have ditched the hairspray and chosen dreadlocks as his latest hairdo, as displayed in a new Instagram photo from his vacation in Hawaii. The picture has already drawn 1.4 million likes and almost 17,000 comments, and much of the online conversation surrounding the Greatest Showman actor’s hair seems to be focused on the issue of cultural appropriation.

Efron captioned his Instagram post “Just for fun,” and some fans agreed, writing that the actor is “still hot as ever” or that the whole situation is irrelevant because “it’s hair, nothing more or less.” But the conversation had its fair share of people who disagreed with the actor’s decision -- or people who just wanted the clean-cut Zac back.

Read the reactions below: