Hailey Baldwin Deletes All Instagram Pictures With Shawn Mendes

Fans noticed this past week (June 27) that model Hailey Baldwin's Instagram timeline had gotten a little shorter. How? By deleting all pictures of her and heartthrob Shawn Mendes, as originally reported by Seventeen

Baldwin and singer/songwriter Mendes attended the Met Ball together in May, posing together, holding hands and creating a swirl of speculation that the two were an item. The two were never confirmed as a couple, and Baldwin addressed the rumors by calling Mendes "super lovely," but explaining that she was still single. 

Flash forward to now, as Baldwin appears in the headlines again after being seen kissing and spending time with Justin Bieber in New York City. Again, neither camps have confirmed the romance, but fans have speculated the two are dating. 

Unlike Baldwin, Mendes has kept all photos of the two up on his Instagram. The "In My Blood" singer did comment on the speculation of a Bieber/Baldwin romance earlier this month, saying that  he "didn't know" if the two were seeing each other. 

Check out Mendes' comments about Baldwin's rumored new romance, as well as some pictures of the two that are still up for fans to enjoy on his Instagram. 


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