Liars' Angus Andrew Directs Re-Tros' Dark & Trippy 'Sounds For Celebration' Music Video: Exclusive Premiere


Re-Tros is a Beijing-based trio, known for doing cool things. If you’re not familiar with their work, you’ll want to claim ownership before your buddies get on board (if they haven’t already). 

They also move in the right circles, having just completed support tours with Depeche Mode and The xx and earning plaudits from Q Magazine and others for their third album, Before The Applause

For their latest trick, the trio are releasing RRASFC, a remix EP of songs taken from their 2017 set. Xiu Xiu and Liars reworked songs for RRASFC, due out July 20 via Modern Sky USA. The latter of those tracks is the Liars’ mix of "Sounds For Celebration,” which is accompanied with a darker-than-midnight music video, directed by the alternative rock act’s frontman Angus Andrew. 

“Sounds For Celebration (Liars Remix)” is a strange old journey. And Billboard has the premiere.  

As a creator, Angus habitually takes the road less traveled. Re-Tros are the perfect partners for this trip. "Liu Min and Hua Dong's vocals inspired me to think of escape and self-awareness,” he says of the process. “I wanted the viewer to switch headlights on inside their own subconscious, illuminating base desires that lay cloaked in darkness. Whether alive or dead, there is an idea of ourselves and then there is the frightening reality." 

Preorder the EP here, strap yourself in and watch the clip below.