17 of the Best 'America's Got Talent' Golden Buzzer Auditions Ever

Kodi Lee
Trae Patton/NBC

Kodi Lee on America's Got Talent. 

It's a big moment for any aspiring musician to audition for America's Got Talent, and an even bigger one to hear the sweet sound of the Golden Buzzer.

The Golden Buzzer was introduced during season 9 of the show, with each judge only getting to press it once per season. If you're put through with the Golden Buzzer, you advance straight to the live shows.

Below are some of the most memorable and shocking Golden Buzzer moments from America's Got Talent over the years, from poet (and eventual winner) Brandon Leake to the frontline healthcare workers in New York’s Northwell Health Nurse Choir.

Cristina Rae, Season 15

Kodi Lee, Season 14

Amanda Mena, Season 13

Mandy Harvey, Season 12

Craig Lewis Band, Season 10

Freckled Sky, Season 10

Darci Lynne, Season 12

Courtney Hadwin, Season 13

Dorothy Williams, Season 11

Light Balance, Season 12

Zurcaroh, Season 13

Angelica Hale, Season 12

Brandon Leake, Season 15

New York’s Northwell Health Nurse Choir, Season 16

Nightbirde, Season 16

Jimmie Herrod, Season 16

Victory Brinker, Season 16