Shawn Mendes: How Well Do You Know His Lyrics?

In this week’s episode of “Finish The Hit,” host Taylor Ortega swings by Times Square to quiz people on their knowledge of Shawn Mendes lyrics, testing them on “Stitches,” “In My Blood” and “Treat You Better.”

The “Stitches” round kicks off with a lovely group sing-along, before people are put to the test. The contestants answer the song’s lyrics quite accurately, before Ortega takes a short intermission to let a pigeon pass by on the street. (Unfortunately, the pigeon does not guess any lyrics.)

Moving on to “In My Blood,” participants are asked to finish the line “Sometimes I feel like giving up/No medicine.” While the correct answer here would be “is strong enough,” some guesses include “in my cup” and “is going in.” People are also asked to complete the lyric “I'm crawling in my skin/Sometimes I feel like giving up / But.” The accurate response would be “I just can’t,” but someone offers the reply of “I ran out of gin.”

Finally, New Yorkers are quizzed on the lyrics to “Treat You Better.” Overall, people seem to know their Shawn Mendes lyrics pretty well here and, as one contestant says after getting the words right, “I’m a little bit obsessed…it’s in my blood.”

You can watch the full video above to play along and see how well you can finish these Shawn Mendes hits.