Hilary Duff Reveals the Hilarious Baby Name Suggested by Her 6-Year-Old Son: Watch

Terence Patrick/CBS
Hillary Duff and Sam Richardson on The Late Late Show with James Corden on June 11, 2018.

Hilary Duff's 6-year-old son Luca isn't sure if he really wants a baby sister, but he is sure that he wants to be the one to name her. 

Stopping by The Late Late Show with James Corden Monday (June 11), the former Disney Channel star talked about her changing family life, and how her son had to warm up to the idea of being a big brother. "In the beginning it was a little....he was a little surprised," she laughed.

When talking about potential baby names, Duff insisted, "We're up for any kind of suggestions, but Luca thinks 'Cofant Croissant' is, like, the coolest name. It's concerning!" 

Host James Corden seemed to think the name was unique, offering, "There's no way they're not a success in whatever they turn their hands to. No one's ever like, working in a call center called Cofant Croissant."

"I don't think you should rule it out," Corden insisted to Duff, who didn't seem quite sold on the unique name.

Duff and her singer/songwriter boyfriend Matthew Koma previously took to Instagram on June 8 to announce her pregnancy, with the caption, "Guess what guys! @matthewkoma and I made a little princess of our own and we couldn't be more excited!!!!!!"

Check out the clip of Duff on The Late Late Show below.