Neil Patrick Harris Seemingly Shades Rachel Bloom, Bruce Springsteen on Twitter During 2018 Tony Awards

Neil Patrick Harris
Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Neil Patrick Harris attends the Lip Sync Battle LIVE: A Michael Jackson Celebration at Dolby Theatre on Jan. 18, 2018 in Hollywood, Calif.

Neil Patrick Harris is never one to hold his opinion back, and last night's Tony Awards were no exception. This time, though, the four-time Tony Awards host wasn't commenting from on-stage inside Radio City Music Hall; instead, he was doing it from behind his phone screen at home. 

It all started when Harris watched Rachel Bloom perform a comic bit for the show from backstage, which she did sporadically throughout the show. Harris pulled a Mariah Carey, claiming he didn't know her, and referencing a comment made from his 7-year old son, Gideon.

A very busy Bloom made time to quickly respond to Harris, expressing that not only is she a fan, but he should be well aware of who she is. Harris responded, thanking Bloom for the "reminder". 

It didn't stop there. Following Bruce Springsteen's win for his current Broadway show Springsteen on Broadway, Neil took some shots at Springsteen for using teleprompters on stage, claiming he didn't "get the logic" for his win. Ouch. 

A fan responded to this teleprompter criticism, standing up for Springsteen, which prompted Harris to do more damage. "Using a teleprompter is just not being able to memorize your lines. The director should have said something. Oh wait," Harris explained. 

The active Twitter night ended with a confession that "it's hard to watch @TheTonyAwards. I miss it," as well as a congratulations to the entire Tony Awards production team.