Savvie Returns With 'Creature of Habit': Video Premiere

SAVVIE, "Creature of Habit"
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SAVVIE, "Creature of Habit"

With "Creature Of Habit," Canadian singer Savvie's first new music since her 2015 debut Night Eyes, the singer is "kind of teasing myself about not being able to give something up." And since that something is music, she doesn't think that's a bad thing.

"I can't live without making music; I'm definitely THAT creature of habit," the Vancouver-based Savvie (real name Savannah Wellman) tells Billboard about the song, of which the video is premiering below today (June 11). "Music for me is always going to be a really important part of my life, so being able to have that release is just a crucial part of my existence as a happy human being."

The video, meanwhile, is "a take on the idea of struggling with trying to be different," according to Savvie. "It kind of takes us through a cleansing, the idea of wanting to let go and cleanse yourself of these habits that you might hold onto, but at the end seeing in your reflection that they never really leave you. It's still a part of you, and maybe in some cases it's not all that bad. Some habits can get the best of you, and sometimes they're the release you need."

"Creature Of Habit" is the first of a batch of singles Savvie plans to release this year; another three have been finished with producer John Raham, and she's working on additional material with an eye toward a sophomore album at some undefined point.

"That's the dream in the long term," she says. "But for right now the songs I had ready were just different enough from each other that I felt like releasing them on their own was the right thing to do. When I have a batch of songs that make sense to be an album together I'll do that, but for now I'm giving these [songs] a life of their own. That just seems to be the way people enjoy receiving music now, too."

And that's a sea change for Savvie, the acknowledged "Creature Of Habit." "I've definitely always been an album person in the past, going in with a vision and a vibe and trying to create a batch of songs around it," she explains. "So this is challenging in some ways but also fun. It gives me a little more freedom to be more creative or a little bit more experimental and let (the songs) sound a bit different and have a life of their own without having to fit on an album."

Savvie, who will also be playing some shows during the coming months, may have been away from making music recently, but she's still spending time behind the scenes making sure music is made. She's working with six artists via her Tiny Kingdom Music artist management firm, which she says "is based around helping other musicians get their music out there in the world. We manage bands, help people get grants and fund money. It's totally fulfilling."