Get to Know 'Uphill Battle' Singer-Songwriter Rozzi: Watch

Singer-songwriter Rozzi sat down with Billboard as part of the “You Should Know” video series to help fans get to know a little bit more about her.

Rozzi, who grew up in San Francisco, reveals that the first song that she ever wrote was called “Why Not Me?” and that her very first job was working as a background singer for Sergio Mendez when she was 19 years old.

Rozzi suggests that those unfamiliar with her music listen to her song “Uphill Battle” first. It is “the best introduction to me,” she explains, “Because…I'm describing myself, I'm kind of painting a picture of who I am, maybe on my worst days, but that's probably the best introduction.”

Asked what motivates her the most, the musician says that it is the connection that she feels with “total strangers” through music. “I've grown up feeling connected to artists that I never met,” she says, “And that has always been the most inspiring thing to me in the world. And now, to kind of turn the tables and feel connections, with people I've never met who are connecting to my music. I just think, that's the most incredible feeling in the world.”

For anyone wondering how Rozzi prepares for live performances, she explains that she watches “endless live Beyonce videos” backstage.

Check out the video above to find out much more about Rozzi, including what she always chants before a live show and what the most sentimental item she owns is.