Audra McDonald & Dan Stevens Turn 'Taxi Driver,' 'The Shape of Water' Into Inappropriate Musicals On 'Late Late Show': Watch

Audra McDonald
Terence Patrick/CBS

Audra McDonald performs in the sketch Inappropriate Musicals with James Corden during The Late Late Show with James Corden on May 21, 2018.

Broadway legends Audra McDonald and Dan Stevens stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday night (May 21) to partake in a new segment titled “Inappropriate Musicals." “Many of Broadway’s biggest hits have been based on movies,” host James Corden said as he listed off Frozen and The Lion King as examples, “but there are so many more great movie possibilities.”

A musical rendition of the famous “you talking to me?” scene from Taxi Driver was up first, which showcased Stevens in Travis Bickle's signature military jacket outfit trading verses with his reflection (played by Corden.) “You talkin’ to me?” Corden sang, “I’m talkin’ to you!” Stevens replied. Stevens ripped off a dance routine with Corden before fading to black.

The Shape of Water adaptation that followed was equally as bizarre, with Corden clad in a scaly wet suit reminiscent of the amphibious creature from the Oscar-winning Guillermo Del Toro film. McDonald fed him an egg as he sat in a bathtub, and soulfully sang to him, “when a woman loves a fish, she fries him in a pan!”

A Quiet Place was the final unlikely movie to get a musical tribute. “It’s a quiet place, don’t make a sound,” Stevens and McDonald sang to a naive, and way too loud Corden in a corn field. “It’s a quiet place mama,” Corden belted back at them in full voice, “I’m out of luck!” The monsters growled in the distance as they closed in on Corden. 

Check out the hilarious segment below: