Watch Miley Cyrus Prank a Sleeping Jimmy Kimmel With a Wrecking Ball

Courtesy Photo
Miley Cyrus Pranks Jimmy Kimmel

Remember when Rihanna gave Jimmy Kimmel the shock of his life with a late night April Fool's gag? He hasn’t forgotten. And that time when Britney Spears snuck into his bedroom and pulled the same trick? Yup, that scared the crap out of him (his words). 

Miley Cyrus completed a hattrick of popstar pranks when she pulled a very loud, very late stunt which will probably give Kimmel nightmares for years to come. 

As he introduced the clip on his late-night show, Kimmel called himself the “victim” of a most unusual deed, one which saw a singing, dancing Miley and her “wrecking crew” wake the funnyman with a (phony) wrecking ball and (very real) sledgehammer. He also took an inadvertent whack to the acorns. No chance you'll sleep through all that, Jimmy.

Check out the video below.