Robert De Niro Spies on Alec Baldwin's Trump in 'Sopranos'-Style 'SNL' Cold Open

Trump Mueller Cold Open
Will Heath/NBC

(l-r) Mikey Day as Donald Trump Jr., Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump, Kate McKinnon as Rudy Giuliani, Ben Stiller as Michael Cohen, Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller during "Trump Mueller Cold Open" in Studio 8H on  May 19, 2018.

NBC's Saturday Night Live opened with Alec Baldwin's Trump entering a diner before meeting a few family members and associates -- but not before asking a waitress version of Heidi Gardner if "HGTV is different than HIV" -- a nod to this week's revelation from Bill Gates that Trump didn't know the difference between HIV and HPV.

With Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" playing, Baldwin's Trump was joined by Kate McKinnon's Rudy Giuliani, Alex Moffatt's Eric Trump, and Mikey Day's Donald Trump Jr. Special Counsel Robert Mueller was also present -- in the form of Robert De Niro, alongside Ben Stiller as Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen.

McKinnon's Giuliani admitted he went on Fox News "like 20 times" the night before, and though he said he told them Trump was "openly colluding with Russia," he was sure to end with a "So what!"

The two eventually toasted "to a great first year of the Russia investigation" along with Stiller's Cohen and Day's Trump Jr. -- but the celebratory mood ended when De Niro quietly entered and sat at another table, seemingly spying on the group.

Upon spotting De Niro's character, Trump Jr. tried to save face. "Dad, maybe tomorrow I can show you that Chinese deal we didn't talk about."

"Oh, and good news, you know that woman who's suing you for groping and defaming her?" Stiller's Cohen said in an attempt to do the same. "I found the guy who's willing to threaten her kids!"

Baldwin's Trump remained oblivious to the ruse, still questioning if De Niro's Mueller was actually there, even as De Niro looked his way and did the "I'm watching you," gesture via Meet the Parents.

The group delivered the season's last "Live from New York..." line to kick off the episode, which marked Tina Fey's sixth time as the show's host following her tenure as head writer, cast member and Weekend Update co-anchor. Though it's been nearly three years since Fey last hosted, she's made a number of cameos since departing SNL in 2006.

This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter.