Original 'Yanny or Laurel' Audio Came From a Dictionary Website, But the Internet Is Still Taking Sides

After “the dress” dilemma started online battles in 2015, social media users found the audio edition three yeras later with the “Yanny or Laurel” debate that is taking the internet by storm.

A short video from an Instagram Story posted Monday asked viewers, “What do you hear!?!” with the options of Yanny or Laurel to choose, and celebrities have since been joining the heated discussion.

Kehlani noted on Twitter that it “depends on what frequencies ur ears pick up. if you listen to it and focus on the high pitched or low pitched u can hear both. it’s hard as hell but u can do it.”

RolandCamry, the Redditor who originally posted the audio clip on Saturday (May 12), said it came from the “laurel” entry on The speaker button next to the word plays a recording of “laurel," but the low-quality recording of this audio posted all over the internet comes out as “Yanny” to some people. 

Sorry, #TeamYanny.