Charlie Puth Can Match the Pitch of a Cell Phone Vibration & an Airplane

Charlie Puth
 Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Charlie Puth performs during the Illuminate World Tour at Bridgestone Arena on July 31, 2017 in Nashville, Tenn.   

Charlie Puth recently appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan to perform his smoldering new single "Done For Me," and the co-hosts took some time to note his perfect pitch.

Ryan Seacrest pointed out that when Puth sings, he has an amazing falsetto but when he speaks, he has a deep "DJ voice."

“I have this radio voice, which is why whenever I go to radio stations, they love it when I do their liners," he replied. "Because it’s almost like they hired a DJ to do it. But I don’t really understand why I have such a low voice.”

Seacrest and Kelly Ripa went on to quiz Puth on his impeccable pitch and his ability to name the note of any sound. He discussed cell phone vibrations in 2006, which he said are an A-flat, and pre-millennium airplanes which hovered around an F-sharp. He even did a spot-on imitation of birds that you hear chirping in the morning. Watch the full clip below.