Watch 'SNL' Take on Kanye West's Tweets in Hilarious 'A Quiet Place' Parody

It's difficult to stay quiet when Kanye West starts tweeting, and that proves to be deadly for a group of friends in a hilarious parody of the hit horror film A Quiet Place on Saturday Night Live.

While tiptoeing near an eerie corn field at night, a group of nervous friends -- including a character played by SNL host Donald Glover -- try their best to stay silent and not attract the murderous monsters lurking in the crops. That is, until Glover notices West has tweeted about President Trump.

"Kanye just tweeted," Glover says in amazement. "He said he would have voted for Trump." The group stays quiet at first, but Kenan Thompson can't resist expressing his disappointment. "Oh, come on, Kanye!" he yells before getting swept away into the field by an unseen creature.    

Things continue to go south as Glover shares more of West's tweets, including a photo of Chrissy Teigen's baby shower. Cecily Strong promptly gets gobbled up after reacting to Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson's appearance in the baby shower photo.

The situation reaches a critical level when Glover pulls up West's new song "Lift Yourself" and the crew hears the infamous "poopity scoop" lyric, which just leads to more abductions. The skit, appropriately titled "A Kanye Place," concludes with Glover hiding safely in a bunker watching West's controversial interview on TMZ. See what happens next in the clip below.