Celine Dion Debuts Epic New Single & Video 'Ashes' For 'Deadpool 2': Watch

When it was announced that Celine Dion would be making an appearance on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, fans waited with baited breath for May 3rd to arrive. The music video for “Ashes” was finally unveiled Thursday (May 3) with a premiere on Good Morning America, and it's epic and grandiose in a way that only Celine Dion can accomplish.

The video opens with a radiant Dion standing center stage in a massive auditorium, a translucent blue dress draped over her as she begins to sing underneath the spotlight. By the time the powerful chorus erupts, Deadpool himself dances across the stage in an interpretive performance as flower petals rain down from above. Even with Deadpool’s hilarious antics, the video is dominated by Dion’s elegance and grace.  

Check out the full video below: