Miley Cyrus Discusses Controversial 'Vanity Fair' Photo, Hints at 'New Projects' on 'Kimmel'

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Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Miley Cyrus doesn’t worry about yesterday, she doesn’t even care about tomorrow. And she totally doesn’t give a f*** about a scantily clad photo of herself published 10 years ago.

Earlier this week, the pop singer retracted her apology for a controversial photo published in Vanity Fair back in 2008. Her curt retort still stands: “I’m not sorry f*** you.”  But there’s more. 

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Cyrus took a swipe at The New York Post, the POTUS, and every sleazebag who points the finger of shame.

“I never really keep track of the years that have gone by since something like this," she said, with a nod to a printout of the resurfaced Post headline. “A lot of things have changed and I think the conversation has changed a lot and... sure, some people thought I did something wrong in their eyes. But I think it was really wrong of someone to put on top of someone that this is my shame and that I should be ashamed of myself. It’s not a nice thing to tell someone they should be ashamed of themselves. Except Donald Trump."

When asked if she apologized at the time, she remarked, “I think I did but I’m sure someone told me to. You know what, that’s why I don’t do what people tell me to anymore, because that idea sucked.”

She also recounted the photo session when, at the age of 15, Cyrus worked with renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz for a Vanity Fair feature. “There was nothing sexualized about this on set. It was every one’s poisonous thoughts and minds that ended up turning this into something that wasn’t meant to be. So actually, I should not be ashamed, they should be.” Watch the interview below. 

Cyrus covered a lot of turf during her Q&A on Jimmy Kimmel Live, from the thin line between “hoarding” and “collecting,” her special packet of peanuts, living with Liam Hemsworth, and her “new projects” in Los Angeles. Like a pro, she kept those plans under wraps, but they’re apparently so important she gave up smoking pot (her “first true love”) to “stay focused.” Check out cuts from Miley’s interview below.