Nile Rodgers Shares Pics After Taking a Major Spill and Breaking His Nose in the Studio

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for BMI
Nile Rodgers attends the 2015 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards at Saban Theatre on Aug. 28, 2015 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The singer shared the gory results on his social media pages

Nile Rodgers, who is currently crafting a new Chic album that is set to feature Bruno Mars, Haim, and Debbie Harry, had quite an eventful evening in the studio Tuesday night (Apr. 25) Unfortunately none of that excitement revolved around new tunes.

In a video shared to Rodgers' social media pages, the 65-year-old disco icon can be seen on the floor of his studio holding tissues and an icepack to his nose, a pool of blood scattered across the hardwood floors beneath him. “Jesus Christ,” Rodgers says in the video, his voice muffled by the wad of tissues covering his face. “I guess that’s what you call a slip and fall,” he continues as he scoffs at his misfortune, “I think we better go to the hospital bro.” In the video's caption Rodgers writes, “Who’s life is more #crazy than mine? I broke my nose tripping on the top stair of my studio.”

In a separate photo of the incident the musician writes, “Sometimes I assume too much. When I arrived at the hospital the Dr. said, ‘I did everything right.’ I’m going to be fine even w the broken nose.”

This isn’t the first time the singer has had a major scare. In August of 2017, Rodgers was hospitalized after falling ill in Toronto while on tour with Earth, Wind & Fire. While Rodgers thought his illness was due to food poisoning, doctor’s discovered a strange growth that ended up being two forms of aggressive Cancer in one mass. In an interview with Billboard that following December, Rodgers announced that his prognosis is “100% recovery,” and that he “attacked life with gusto I didn’t realize I’d had.” This year he resumed touring with Chic, with his next performance scheduled to be at New York’s We Are Family Foundation 2018 Celebration Gala on Friday (Apr. 27.)

Check out the video and photo below, if you're not squeamish: