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Get to Know 'Saint' Singer-Songwriter VÉRITÉ: Watch

Singer-songwriter VÉRITÉ sat down with Billboard as part of the “You Should Know” video series to help fans get to know a bit more about her.

VÉRITÉ, whose real name is Kelsey Byrne, grew up in Warwick, New York. She describes her music as being both “driving and dynamic” and cites her biggest accomplishment to date as “building as sustainable, independent career as an artist.”

“I decided to be an independent artist really through trial and error,” she continues, “and wound up finding this path and can't really give up the control at this point.”

Asked which artist she would love to collaborate with one day, VÉRITÉ says it would be Childish Gambino, adding, “I continue throwing that into the universe and believe one day it will happen.”

The “Saint” singer also discusses the inspiration behind her debut album Somewhere In Between, explaining that she sought to “capture a moment of my life where I don't think I was feeling everything and I was trying to make meaning out of the world and so I think it's a little glimpse into that journey.”

Check out the full video above to find out much more about VÉRITÉ, including what the most sentimental item she owns is and what her biggest guilty pleasure is.