'Black Panther' Cut 'Wakanda' Gets Super Treatment: Exclusive Premiere

Courtesy of Marvel Studios 2018
Black Panther

Marvel’s Black Panther has earned more than $670 million at the box office to make it the third highest-grossest domestic film.

With the excitement for the movie showing little sign of abating, Marvel Music/Hollywood Records have produced an enhanced video for “Wakanda,” the majestic cue from the Ludwig Goransson-composed score that features Senegalese singer Baaba Maal’s soaring vocalizing. 

Below, Billboard premieres the enhanced video for “Wakanda,” which recreates the verdant, lush world created in the Ryan Coogler-directed film. Instead of static images, the video features moving images including waterfalls and fiery space craft. 

To create the cue, Goransson traveled to Senegal, where Maal worked his magic quickly. “I recorded Baaba Maal on my last day in Senegal,” Goransson tells Billboard. “I remember FaceTiming Ryan Coogler so he could meet Baaba and tell him more about the movie. Afterwords, I sat at the piano and played some chords while Baaba improvised on top of them. The whole recording lasted maybe 30 minutes and I had goosebumps the entire time. I really didn’t know how I was going to use the Baaba Maal recording until much later when I got the first rough cut of the movie. When I saw the big sweeping shots of Wakanda, I immediately knew that Baaba's voice would be the most powerful way to introduce that hidden kingdom.”

For Goransson, the most gratifying part of Black Panther’s success has been the attention it has brought to the score and the musicians who made it. “Hearing praise from Baaba and all of the Senegalese musicians I recorded has been the best part for me,” he said. “I’m proud that they’re proud of the film and the way that I was able to share such an integral part of Senegalese culture with the world.”