Late-Night Hosts Dissect Mark Zuckerberg's Congressional Testimony

Trevor Noah
Peter Yang

Trevor Noah

Mark Zuckerberg quickly began trending on Twitter on Tuesday when the Facebook co-founder and CEO sat before Congress to testify about the social media platform's recent data leaks. And late-night hosts across the dial were quick to offer their two cents on Zuckerberg's comments to Congress.

On TBS, Conan O'Brien added a few quips about the testimony into his opening monologue. "Today, Senator Lindsay Graham asked Mark Zuckerberg if there was anything else like Facebook, and Zuckerberg said, 'No.' And at that exact moment, Tom from MySpace took his own life," O'Brien said, referring to Tom Anderson, the co-founder of MySpace and an online meme.

He also took a shot at the omnipresent quizzes on Facebook: "Experts say the majority of Facebook users had their data harvested from taking online quizzes. So it’s worse than we thought: Now Russia also knows how stupid we are."

CBS's Late Show got creative with its response, animating Facebook's "reaction" emoji buttons to imagine how they would approach Zuckerberg's testimony in front of the U.S. Senate. "This is horrible!" the Wow button said.

"Who would have thought that handing all your personal information to a giant corporation was a bad idea," Sad added.

"I never trusted Facebook. That's why I only use Instagram," Angry said.

"You know that's owned by Facebook, too, right?" Haha said, before adding that it was not laughing, but "screaming the whole time."

Over on Comedy Central, Trevor Noah channeled the comments of some Twitter users and suggested that Zuckerberg looked visibly uncomfortable during and before the testimony. "I'm not going to lie, I don't know if it's just that I haven't seen him with other humans before, but it genuinely looks like Zuckerberg sent a robot version of himself. Look at him, he looks like he's in Westworld right now," he said, referring to the HBO show that stars androids and their creators. He then set a clip of Zuckerberg to the sound of whirring mechanical parts.

Noah also had fun with a question posed by Sen. Bill Nelson, who asked Zuckerberg what would happen if he didn't want to receive advertisements about things he posted about — like chocolate, which he used as an example.

"What? Then just stop writing about chocolate! I'm sure your friends will be okay not hearing about it for once. 'I love chocolate.' 'It's 5 a.m. senator, go to bed!'" Noah joked.

The Opposition produced a mash-up cut of all the times Zuckerberg said "mistake" during the testimony. "Look, Zuck, you've been publicly apologizing for one Facebook thing or another for the past 14 years," host Jordan Klepper said, "And all you got was this lousy tee shirt." Then Opposition correspondents Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson made the case for Zuckerberg to "stop apologizing."

Other hosts weighed in on the proceedings during the actual ceremony, with Full Frontal's Samantha Bee posting zingers like, "If Zuckerberg wants to get the Senators to stop questioning him, he should get nominated for a cabinet position. #ZuckerbergTestimony"

The Opposition speculated that Zuckerberg was wearing a diaper under his suit while Late Night with Seth Meyers also made a Westworld joke.

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