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Watch Alex Rodriguez Make His Debut on 'Ellen' & Talk About Meeting Jennifer Lopez

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Alex Rodriguez FaceTimes Jennifer Lopez on TheĀ Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Hollywood romance isn't completely dead and here's two lovebirds two remind us of the fact: Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. The baseball icon recently made his first appearance on Ellen, and describes the day he met the pop star as "the luckiest day" of his life. He then proceeds to tell the story of how they met, but Ellen seems to have remembered it differently from when J.Lo shared her side last April. 

"Someone taps me on the shoulder and I turn around and I do not recognize this person and it's Jennifer, but she's dressed up as Harlee from Shades of Blue. And she's in her jeans and her big boots. It took me about four or five seconds and she says 'It's Jennifer. It's Jennifer.' I go, 'Oh my god, Jennifer. You look so beautiful,'" said A-Rod about their first official encounter. "I went home that night and I reached out."

According to Ellen, she believed it was in fact A-Rod who did the introductory tapping -- but later in the show, the multiple-time MVP called Lopez on FaceTime, and she confirmed Rodriguez's version of events.

Check out the clips below.