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Anna Kendrick Reminisces About Being a Hard-Core Mosh-Pitter: 'It Was Ill-Advised'

Casey Curry/Invision/AP
Anna Kendrick poses for a portrait at Chateau Marmont during an interview on Oct. 3, 2014, in West Hollywood, Calif. 

The "Pitch Perfect" star revisits concerts from her youth at Hunter for Target Family Festival at the Rose Bowl.

The Barden Bellas may have nabbed Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect, but it turns out she’s a Treblemaker at heart.

Aca-scuse me?

In honor of the old-meets-new collaboration between the original Hunter Boots and Target -- which officially hits stores April 14 -- Billboard reminisced with the actress at the brands’ Ultimate Family Festival at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, on Sunday about her past life as a hard-core mosh-pitter. Prior to her Twilight days and way before she made it in Hollywood, Kendrick was living it up at rock concerts in Portland, Maine. Since the rainy city wasn’t a major hub for concerts, the star admitted she would pretty much go to every single show that came her way.

Out of every performance she saw, Kendrick shared there will always be one that stands out for her -- and no, it wasn’t an a cappella performance. “This is so embarrassing,” she revealed to us. “I tried to go in a mosh pit at a Weezer concert. It was a terrible idea, if you think about it, but we take what we can get, and people wanted to mosh.”

Looking back, it seemed as if Kendrick would have done things differently. “The entire thing was ill-advised,” she said. “I definitely got thrown on the floor and was immediately trampled on. Some dude had to get under me and gave it to me straight by saying, ‘You need to stand up right now.’ He was the drill sergeant I needed. It was very intense, but that’s what I get.”

She went on to point out that while that’s behind her, shows and music festivals still haven’t gotten any easier due to her petite frame. “It’s so annoying,” Kendrick emphasized. “I’m always embarrassed to say this, but live music as a short person is irritating. I basically have someone’s shoulder in my face the entire time.”

At the same time, she assured us that her physical challenges will not stop her from enjoying live music. Her trick is to just put on comfortable clothes like her cozy black booties and snug Hunter x Target sweater dress ensemble she rocked at the festival. “This dress’ pockets are everything and I love how much crap I’m hiding in here. I have cough drops, credit cards, concealer, phone, stuff like that and more, all inside it.”

The Coachella countdown has begun, and hopefully, Kendrick delivers more petite style inspiration if she makes it out to Palm Springs or any other festival destination.

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