Google Doodle Honors British Cook Hannah Glasse's 310th Birthday

Hannah Glasse
Courtesy of Google

Hannah Glasse

English cooking would never be the same after Hannah Glasse came along. Nicknamed the "mother of modern British cookery," the author of The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy is honored with a Google Doodle today (March 28) for her 310th birthday.

Glasse was born in London in 1708. She is remembered mostly for penning The Art of Cookery, a hefty 972-recipe cookbook that proved cooking could be simple and accessible to people of all classes -- not just those wealthy enough to have a cook of their own. 

She introduced multiple recipes, like Yorkshire Pudding and jelly, that have now become kitchen staples in England and beyond. The book was published in England in 1747 and made its way to the states by 1805. She died in London in 1770.

The Doodle, which portrays Glasse making Yorkshire Puddings, was illustrated by Matthew Cruickshank.