Get to Know 'Perf' Singer Baby Ariel: Watch

Social media star and singer Baby Ariel sat down with Billboard to share a few interesting facts about herself as part of our “You Should Know” video series.

Ariel, who grew up in Pembroke Pines, Florida, says that she has been writing, playing piano and singing her entire life but that it was only six months ago when she first recorded music in a studio.

“The first place I performed music was in my living room to my entire family,” she shares. “I forced them to sit down and watch me sing for a good five hours and I played my fake guitar and I sung.”

Asked what the most sentimental item she owns is, Ariel says it’s probably her journal because she writes every single one of her thoughts down in it.

She also discusses her biggest musical inspirations, namely SZA and Bruno Mars. “I look up to SZA a lot,” the “Perf” singer says. “One thing I love about her is that she is just real and raw and she lets all of her emotions out. I also look up to Bruno Mars a lot, I just love Bruno…He has this essence about him. He’s just so confident.”

You can view the full video above to hear more from Baby Ariel, including a story about the first song she ever wrote -- in preschool -- about having a stomach ache and needing to go home.