Rosie & the Riveters Send a Message to the #MeToo Movement With 'I Believe You' Video: Exclusive

Rosie and the Riveters
Crystal Skrupski

Rosie and the Riveters

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, music has been a vessel of outreach and support for many. Feminist trio Rosie & The Riveters penned an open message in support of women who have experienced sexual assault with their latest track “I Believe You,” and the video premieres exclusively on Billboard below.

The song comes from their sophomore album, Ms. Behave -- due April 6 -- a compilation of female-empowering anthems of women’s stories in a man’s world. It reiterates respect and empowerment, and they've definitely got a lot to say.

“We wrote ‘I Believe You’ because we were nauseated by the results of various sexual assault trials that resulted in minimal or no sentences for the perpetrators,” Rosie & The Riveters said. “The way that survivors were torn apart during trials and in the media reminded us why so many women stay silent.”

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The band's signature look of perfectly pinned curls, bright red lipstick and feminine vintage attire are far from their powerful, daring music. Their purposeful lyrics and poised harmonies are meant to confront and inspire every woman.

Farideh Olsen, Alexis Normand and Allyson Reigh express their feminist views under the moniker, as a tribute to the original Rosie the Riveter.

The group pledges to help women worldwide pursue their crafts, whom they consider the "world's greatest untapped resource," contributing thousands of dollars to over 150 projects across the world, including in Kenya and Ecuador. 

In support of their album, Rosie & The Riveters head on a tour this spring hitting Philadelphia later this month, ending in May. Pre-order Ms. Behave here, and hear "I Believe You" below.