Jennifer Lawrence Hits the Talk Show Circuit to Talk Kardashian Pregnancies, Oprah, & Her Drunk Alter Ego

Courtesy Photo
Jennifer Lawrence on Watch What Happens Live!

Ahead of the opening weekend of her latest film Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence hit the late night and the daytime talk show circuit to talk about everything from knowing Kylie Jenner was pregnant to her "liberating" decision to go nude for her recent role. 

On the after show edition of Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, viewers called in with questions for Lawrence, giving the actress quite a lot of rapid fire topics to talk about. Almost immediately, she was asked about Oprah’s empowering Golden Globes speech last month, to which she responded with deep admiration, calling her “a pilar of strength and inspiration,” but also later saying that she doesn’t text the former talk show host because she assumes she’s doing more important things.

As for other celebrity friendships, she briefly spoke of Kylie Jenner, saying she did know she was pregnant before the general public, but that she has not met "any of the babies" (also referencing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's newest, Chicago). 

Lawrence also answered Cohen's question about the recent revelation that she has no high school diploma, as she dropped out of middle school to pursue acting at 14 years old. When asked how her parents allowed it, J. Law said she would take the weight of the decision: “My parents thought they were doing the right thing, and I was very conniving. I’ll take the bullet,” though in her 60 Minutes interview, she says it is not a decision she regrets.  

In an extended clip from Cohen's show, she also hesitantly admits to using the reality show The Jersey Shore as acting inspiration. Continuing the fast-paced feel on Ellen, Lawrence played "Burning Questions," which is exactly what it sounds like, as she and Ellen DeGeneres sit in game show chairs and answer "burning questions" -- revealing her love for Vanderpump Rules and the time she was convinced she had a stroke. 

She also got more serious on the talk show portion of Ellen, talking about her role in Red Sparrow, which required a nude scene, something she had previously said she would never do. As for why she was convinced, she spoke highly of the script and character, saying "I didn't want to miss out on it because of my weird insecurities." 

Between cocktail sips, Lawrence also spoke a little on "Gail," who is her drunk alter ego, a "brave" persona that only comes out when she drinks rum -- of course, she was immediately delivered a tray of options.