Google Doodle Gets Colorful in Celebration of Holi Festival, Which Marks the Beginning of Spring

Google Doodle
Courtesy of Google

Google doodle on March 2, 2018.

Google symbolically joined millions of people in celebration of Holi festival with today's (Mar. 2) Google Doodle.

The search engine lit up their homepage with the signature Google colors, transforming the logo into red, yellow, green and blue dancing dhol players who are seen merrily splattering paint around them. The artwork was crafted by Amrita Marino.

The Hindu spring festival is celebrated mainly on the Indian subcontinent, and the national holiday signifies the beginning of the spring season, as well as the symbolic conquering of good over evil.

The dancing dhol figures are a heavy component of the fest, as players move house to house banging upbeat tunes on drums.

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