Stream DJ Khaled's 'Top Off' Featuring JAY-Z, Future & Beyonce

The song features multiple shout-out to imprisoned rapper Meek Mill.

DJ Khaled gets the top off with his latest superstar collaboration, a breathless outlaw track about outrunning the police and enjoying the finer things. 

The Miami hip-hop star links-up JAY Z, Future and Beyonce for the energetic “Top Off,” which premiered at 6 a.m. ET Friday (March 2) as the first track from his upcoming 11th studio album, Father of Asahd.

The track opens with chill-inducing funhouse keyboards and Jay intoning, "I ain't gonna stop" while Future promises to peel the top off of his Maybach and the dynamic duo dead set on outrunning the cops on their tail. "V12, see ya 12/ I do the whole dash with no seatbelt/ Screaming free my n---a Meek Mill/ N---as can't Willie in this free world," Jay spits while Future intones "ain't gonna stop."

The reference to Meek is Jay's latest bid of support of the imprisoned rapper, who has been behind bars since November in a contentious case involving an alleged series of probation violations. Jay also makes an allusion to his recent $91,000 bill for Ace of Spades champagne at a New York club, shaking it off like it's no big deal while tossing a colorful shout-out to his and Bey's daughter and The Purple One, Prince. "Me and Blue having a sing-off/ That's a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a second hand store," he raps.

Even as Jay boasts about driving around with the FLOTUS (the former one, we assume), Beyoncé drops in halfway through the track to remind everyone that there are two major ballers in their household. "I'm the only lady, you're still the realest n---a in the room," she croons. "I break the internet, top 2 and I ain't #2/ My body, my ice, my cash, all real I'm a triple threat/ Fuck it up and then leave then fuck it up and leave again," tossing off her own bid of support to free Mill and reminding everyone that she's the baddest, full-stop.

Listen to the track below.


The artwork features Khaled and his young son Asahd looking sharp in a flashy limo finished with white leather seats.

The release date hasn’t been announced for Father of Asahd, the followup to Grateful which hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 following its release in June 2017. Stream "Top Off" below. The new song is the latest collab with the power couple, who also appeared on Khaled's Grateful album song "Shining" last year.