Quincy Jones Apologizes for Recent Interviews: 'I'm Sorry to Anyone Whom My Words Offended'

For the past couple of weeks, Quincy Jones has made headlines for his outlandish comments during his recent interviews, regarding the entertainment industry.

In a GQ interview, earlier this year, the legendary producer shaded Taylor Swift’s songwriting, Ray Charles’ drug use and Michael Jackson stealing songs, to name just a few topics. He also mentioned dating Ivanka Trump and called legendary rock band The Beatles “no-playing motherfuckers," in a separte Vulture interview.

Jones apparently received a "family intervention" from his daughters about his comments, leading to a public apology, via Twitter. In the apology, he said, “I’m sorry to anyone whom my words offended & I’m especially sorry to my friends who are still here with me & to those who aren’t," and offered, "Thank you for calling me out when I've clearly made a mistake."

Here’s the full apology: