Aaron Carter Opens Up About Life After Rehab: 'I'm Happy That I Came Out on the Other Side'

Aaron Carter
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Aaron Carter attends "The Night Time Show" Holiday Special benefiting Children's Hospital Los Angeles hosted by Stephen Kramer Glickman at Hollywood Improv on Dec. 16, 2017 in Hollywood, Calif.

Aaron Carter opens up about the circumstances surrounding his trip to rehab this September, and his subsequent positive progress, in an interview with People.

The former child star says he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after struggling to cope with the sudden death of his father from a heart attack in May, which came just a few years after the sudden death of 25-year-old sister Leslie in 2012. Then, last summer he broke up with his girlfriend Madison Parker, was arrested for DUI and marijuana possession before checking himself into rehab in September, citing "health and overall wellness" as the reason. 

“I definitely felt like I hit a rock bottom personally and emotionally,” Carter, 30, said. “I started getting really stressed out about things like my relationship or the expectations people had for me, and then I just stopped eating," he said.

When he entered the facility he was 115 pounds, something he said is not a result of drug use: “People trying to paint this picture, it’s just really defaming. It hurts. They would never talk to me like that in person.” Now, after two months in the facility, he said he weighs 160 pounds. "I'm happy that I came out on the other side," he said of his struggles.

Last week, Carter put out his first album in fifteen years LøVë, which is available through Amazon. The singer described the album's origins as a "diary-type thing" that was inspired by his past two relationships. "It was more so just putting art and poetry together and turning it into this sonic depiction," he said.

"I was a very happy baby growing up. [Now] I just want to have fun, be healthy — mind, body, soul, emotions," Carter told the magazine. "All of those things, and really be responsible for my own actions too... I'm going to stay in that path and focus on my music, my life and my health. I'm really excited to just start this new chapter in my life."

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