Julia Louis-Dreyfus Shares a Post-Op 'F--k You Cancer' Photo

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a cast member in the HBO series "Veep," poses at an Emmy For Your Consideration on May 25, 2017.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus took to her Instagram Wednesday (Feb.13), to prove she still hates cancer and she’s still as glamorous as ever.

After revealing her breast cancer diagnosis in September, the actress underwent related surgery yesterday, and took the time to post a glamorous post-op photo. In her caption, she wrote, “Hoorah! Great doctors, great results, feeling happy and ready to rock after surgery. Hey cancer, 'Fuck you!' Here’s my first post-op photo.” Her Instagram’s comments have since been flooded with messages of support, as well as messages of hope from fellow survivors and those still battling.

And this isn’t the first time Dreyfus has shared her warrior spirit in the face of cancer. After her second round of chemo therapy in October, she posted an incognito pic with a Katy Perry caption: “Chemo #2: finito. We are NOT fucking around here. 'I’ve got the eye of the tiger. The Fighter dancing through the fire cuz I am a champion and your’re going to hear me ROAR.' Thanks to @mrtonyhale & @timothycsimons & @katyperry for their hilarious and loving inspiration.”