Youtube Suspends All Ads From Logan Paul's Youtube Channel Due to 'Recent Pattern of Behavior'

Logan Paul, 2017
Steve Cohn/REX/Shutterstock

Logan Paul attends Lionsgate 'Where's the Money' Los Angeles Premiere at ArcLight Culver City on Oct. 18, 2017.

Logan Paul can't stay out of headlines, and not for the right reasons. The controversial YouTuber has been dealing with heavy backlash due to a video he posted on December 31st from Japan's "Suicide Forest" in which he appeared to show a suicide victim.

After a string of apologies, including one on Good Morning America, Paul's name continues to draw negative attention on the internet following the Suicide Forest post. Though contrite during his GMA sitdown, where he said he had learned a harsh lesson in the wake of the near career-ending episode, it looks like Paul just can't keep a lid on his controversial antics however, as a video he uploaded on Feb. 5 featured the Youtuber taking a taser to some rats has once again had a heavy impact on his pranks-focused brand.

This one, of course, offended animal rights organization PETA, and drew a reaction from the YouTube Creators Twitter account. The account tweeted on Friday (Feb. 9) that it would suspend all ads from Paul's channel. YouTube did not mention any specific videos as the reason for suspension, but simply referred to what it called Paul's "recent pattern of behavior."

"In response to Logan Paul’s recent pattern of behavior, we’ve temporarily suspended ads on his channels," the video sharing account tweeted. The video is still available to view on the net, however, but YouTube has put a cautionary disclaimer upon clicking the video.