Kylie Jenner's Stormi Photo Tops Beyonce's Pregnancy Reveal as Most-Liked Instagram Post Ever

Kylie Jenner has, at least in one capacity, beat Beyoncé. The reality star’s baby-name announcement has already become the most-liked photo ever on Instagram, just a day after it was posted, garnering almost 14 million likes so far.

The photo shows the newborn, born Feb. 1, holding her mother’s thumb with the caption “Stormi Webster,” which has been revealed as the baby’s name. (Webster is the real last name of Jenner's boyfriend and Stormi's father, Travis Scott.)

It’s safe to assume the profusion of likes largely has to do with the secrecy surrounding the 20-year-old’s pregnancy. She only confirmed the circulating rumors two days prior to announcing the baby’s name, releasing a statement on Instagram and a corresponding video entitled “To Our Daughter,” which shows what the reality star and makeup mogul has been doing for the last nine months. That video has about 42 million views as of Wednesday (Feb. 7).

It seems that Instagram’s most famous photos have a maternity theme, with Kylie’s announcement surpassing Beyoncé’s famous twin-reveal post from almost a year ago today.


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