Phillip Phillips Eliminates Mumford & Sons in '1 Has 2 Go'

Singer-songwriter Phillip Phillips stopped by the Billboard office to play a round of “1 Has 2 Go,” choosing between dance moves, bands, game shows and foods.

For anyone who has ever wanted to see Phillips do the running man, now is your chance. When asked to eliminate either that, the Macarena or the salsa, he initially chooses the running man, but changes his mind after busting out some moves, ultimately nixing the Macarena.

Asked to select from staying at home, partying or performing, the American Idol winner shares, “I’m not a big partier. I love to be home or on stage performing. That’s my party, is at home or on stage – I’m a lame person.”

Given the choice between Metallica, Mumford & Sons and Tool, the “Home” singer immediately eliminates Mumford & Sons. “Sorry, I’m not trying to be mean,” he says. “Tool is my favorite out of all of those, for sure. Dude, they have so many good ones. ‘Sober’ is great, ‘The Pot’ -- I love ‘The Pot.’ I wanna cover ‘The Pot’ at some point.”

Phillips also reveals that he would not be a very good Jeopardy! contestant, chooses between fried chicken, pizza and kale and is asked to eliminate either Bruno Mars, Camila Cabello or Cardi B. He is willing to save Mars, but decides to not eliminate either of the other options, saying, “I don’t wanna make any enemies!” 

You can watch the full video above.