Watch Camila Cabello Celebrate 'Havana' Hitting No. 1 on Hot 100 & Thank Her Fans for 'Crazy Journey'

After spending seven non-consecutive weeks at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Camila Cabello’s “Havana” finally hit No. 1 on Wednesday (Jan. 22).

To celebrate earning her first ever Hot 100 No. 1, while also currently holding the top album on the Billboard 200 chart with her debut LP CamilaBillboard caught up with Cabello to get her reaction, and to give her the opportunity to thank her fans for getting the song to the peak spot.

Speaking of the success of her collaboration with Young Thug, the former Fifth Harmony member says that while topping the chart feels “incredible,” what is even more important to her is that people across the United States and around the world are singing “Havana.”

“I feel like it just goes to show you that music is an emotion and that we’re really not all that different,” she explains. “Music breaks through barriers of location and language and political views, and it just gets to everybody because it’s a feeling.”

“I’m so proud of where I come from,” she adds. “I’m so proud of where my family’s from, so proud to be Latina, Cuban-Mexican.”

Cabello also expresses her deepest gratitude to her fans, sharing that she wishes that she could have a huge celebration for them. “They have worked so hard and been streaming and doing buyouts of my album and getting together with other fans in places all around the world,” she says. “We’ve just been on this crazy journey together, with both ‘Havana’ and my album.”

“The biggest thank you goes to my fans, the Camilizers,” the singer adds. “I love you guys so much. Seriously, you are the reason that we’ve gotten ['Havana' to be the] No. 1 song. Thank you so much for going so hard for me and for supporting me. We did it -- yay! Love you!”

You can watch the full video of Camila Cabello thanking her fans and reacting to topping the Hot 100 with “Havana” above.