Ja Rule Continues Beef With 50 Cent and the Internet Loses It

It's 2018, and Ja Rule is still really mad at 50 Cent. In a continuation of one of New York's greatest 20-year-long beefs, Ja Rule took to Twitter this morning to go off on the fellow Queens rapper. And of course, the Internet lost it.

While his motives remain unclear, Ja Rule dedicated upwards of fifteen tweets in the span of three hours Friday morning (Jan. 18) to proving his case that 50 is soft. The rift between the two originally began sometime around 1999, when someone in 50's crew allegedly robbed Ja Rule, and the rest has been a mess of legendary diss tracks and parking lot fights

Twitter's reactions to a potential Ja vs. 50 revival were largely concerned about the fact that it's been about 15 years since Ja Rule has had a relevant single, but fans remain enthralled at the idea of the beef in 2018.  Take a look at some of the Internet's best reactions below.