Get to Know 'Betrayed' Rapper Lil Xan

Rapper Lil Xan sat down with Billboard as part of the “You Should Know” video series to discuss what his first ever job was, reveal his guilty pleasure and to chat about the meaning behind his breakout hit “Betrayed.”

Lil Xan, who grew up in Redlands, California, says that while his first (and only) job prior to being a rapper was working as a street sweeper – which he describes as “terrible” – he did not think he would end up in music.

Being a rapper is “unexpected,” he shares. “I actually always wanted to end up somewhere in music, I just didn’t know what. I just wanted to be creative so I did photography, and that led me ultimately to music.”

Speaking of his guilty pleasures, Lil Xan says that there are several, including fast food – particularly McDonald’s. He also reveals that his biggest musical inspirations are Mac Miller and Drake.

Lil Xan goes on to deliberate over which of his tracks listeners unfamiliar with his material should listen to fist, explaining, "I would probably say start off with ‘Been Bout It’ or ‘Who Are You’, and then move on to ‘Slingshot.’ You know I’m gonna say ‘Betrayed’ cause it’s why I’m sitting here.”

You can watch the full video above to hear Lil Xan discuss the inspiration behind “Betrayed,” the most sentimental item he owns, his favorite album of all time and the first song he ever wrote.