Bhad Bhabie Is Reborn in 'Both of Em' Video

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Courtesy Photo
Bhad Bhabie, "Both of Em"

It seems as though Dr. Phil reality star-turned-rapper Bhad Babie is here to stay -- at least for a little bit longer.

As part of the latest release from her deal with Atlantic Records, the 14-year-old artist formerly known as Danielle Bregoli dropped a video for her single “Both of Em” on Thursday (Jan. 4). The video stars Bhad Bhabie in her usual uniform of skinny jeans, a zip-up, and sneakers trotting through a vast desert probably somewhere in California's backwoods. The video includes a multi-car cop chase and some vague hints at the idea of Bhad Bhabie’s symbolic resurrection, including the fairly explicit single artwork, which shows the rapper with both hands spread wide adorned in a sculpture-esque draping of sorts.

While the video tries to hint at a rebirth, the lyrics are really nothing too far from Bhad Bhabie's usual realm. Most of the song she brags about icy wrists, new homes and her quick come-up to fame.

Listen and watch the visuals for the latest Bhad Bhabie drop below: