Alesso Chooses Between Swedish Candies & Dance Festivals in '1 Has 2 Go'

Swedish DJ/producer Alesso swung by the Billboard office to play a game of “1 Has 2 Go,” where he chose from Simpsons characters, Swedish treats and electronic music festivals.

When asked which holiday he would eliminate out of the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, he got rid of the latter. “I just had my first Thanksgiving ever and I liked it,” he says. “And I really like Fourth of July, cause Americans go crazy. I think I’d say Valentine’s Day. I just feel it’s a lot of pressure on everyone who’s single.”

Alesso had no trouble choosing from cartoon characters Bart, Marge or Lisa Simpson, immediately nixing Marge. “I can’t stand her voice. It’s too much,” he explains.

When asked to select between Tomorrowland, Ultra or Weekend Festival, the producer says because he has played the first two live music events so many times, he would get rid of Weekend Festival, adding, “If you want me to like you, Weekend Fest, you have to book me more often!”

Alesso was also faced with the task of choosing from Swedish candies, including Djungelvrål, Juleskum or Swedish Fish. “I think it would be Swedish Fish [to eliminate],” he says. “Because I think it’s the most boring Swedish candy we have.”

You can watch the full video above, where Alesso also chooses amongst Michael Jackson hits, soccer teams and more.

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